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Online RSVP
Online RSVP

Online RSVP has arrived!

Here is the link for the Online RSVP form. Use it wisely! Online RSVP Form

Instructions (Updated)

The Online RSVP system has changed and requires new, less-confusing instructions. I'd like to think that the solution is more elegant and simplier to understand, but I will let you be the judge of that.

There is now one field to fill out to verify your personal information and then to RSVP. It is a code that is included in your invitation, inside the normal postal reply card. Simply enter this number into the field labeled "RSVP Code" and press the Verify button.

This will bring you to a form similar to the standard reply card. You can verify your personal information, fill out whether you accept or decline, indicate how many guests you will bring, if you need assistance with a hotel or transportation, and your email address. The usual privacy mumbo-jumbo applies for your email address. I'm not going to sell it and it is optional. We are simply using it to send back verifications of RSVP and updates after the wedding when pictures are posted. Fill out these fields and press the Reply button and if you provided your email address, you will recieve an email informing you of success. A message will also be printed to the screen informing you of success.

That's it for the instructions. The system will be available here on Wednesday, October 26 sometime after 7pm eastern.

If you have any problems using the system, you may email rsvp@mayandmark.com with any questions.

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