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Wedding Information
Wedding Information

Date and Time

The wedding will take place on December 10th, 2005 at around 5 in the afternoon. We suggest that guests begin to arrive at the facility near or at 4:30pm, or earlier to avoid any possible traffic or parking delays. The ceremony itself will last about one hour, with pictures for the wedding party taking 30 minutes or so after the ceremony. Guests will adjourn into the ballroom for the reception at 6pm for cocktails and chit-chat and the full reception will begin after the bride and groom have been announced.

Venue and Directions

General Information

Glendalough Manor will play host to our humble(fabulous darling!) event. May essentially chose this place, but I was sold on it quickly. It was picked based on where it was at and how it looked. Designed to resemble an old Scottish manor, it sits just off of highway 74 in Tyrone, Georgia. Tyrone itself is right outside of Peachtree City and accessible to the airport for out of town guests. I was sold on the place after seeing the inside and talking with the staff, who have been most helpful save for a bumpy start in the initial phases of planning.


You can visit Glendalough's website at www.glendaloughmanor.com. There they have photographs of the grounds, the building itself, and directions to the facility. Listed below, for your convenience, are those directions.

From Interstate 85

Take exit 61 Turn LEFT at the stoplight onto Highway 74, traveling South for 6.5 miles At the 7th stoplight, turn LEFT onto Dogwood Trail Take first LEFT onto Glendalough Court

From Peachtree City

Intersection Highway 74 & 54 Get on 74 north, and travel for 3 miles At the 3rd stoplight, turn RIGHT onto Dogwood Trail Take first LEFT onto Glendalough Court

From Newnan

Take 34 through Peachtree City, take a left on Hwy 74, go about 3 miles on 74 N, take a right onto dogwood Trail, take an immediate left onto Glendalough Ct., follow the road to the entrance of Glendalough Manor. OR Take 85 N, Take exit 63 Palmetto/Tyrone, Take a right off the exit (Tyrone Rd.), Travel about 2 miles until you come to a stop sign, Go straight through the stop sign and cross over railroad tracks, At the stop light take a right onto Joel Cowen Pkwy (Hwy 74). Take a left at the next Stop light (Dogwood Trail), take an immediate Right onto Glendalough Ct.

From Macon: For the Brave

Take Interstate 75 North about 40 miles to the Griffon exit(Exit 205). This will be GA-16, take a left from the stop sign at the end of the exit. Follow this road all the way to Griffin, and through the red lights in the actual town of Griffin. The road will narrow into a 2 lane. A mile or so past a retirement home on the right, there will be an intersection with a gas station on the corner. This is Vaughn Road, make a right here. Take Vaughn Road to a 4 way stop with an antique store on the left corner. Take a left at the stop sign and follow this curvy road all the way to Brooks. At Brooks, take a right past the post office and cross the railroad tracks. Continue on this road until it runs out and make a left onto Highway 85 and a right at the next red light onto Highway 74. Follow the directions from within Peachtree City from here.

From Macon: For the Not-so-Brave

Take 75 North to 285. Use 285 to cut across to 85 South(Hint: 285 cuts in front of the airport). Follow the directions from 85 above.

From Milledgeville: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good way is to drive to Macon, and follow the directions from there. The bad is driving all the way up to I-20, cutting all the way over to 85 South, and down from there.
This, my friends, is the ugly: Take Highway 212 out of Milledgeville towards Monticello. Follow the square around halfway and make a right on Highway 16. Follow that for a long way, through Jackson towards Griffin. After you get to Griffin, follow the directions from the Macon: For the Brave section above.

Additionally, here's a couple of google maps links to give you a visual of the area. They do not have the Glendalough Court listed, but I have zoomed the maps to the intersection you would need to turn on to get to it. Once you make it this far, the building is large enough that it should be fairly obvious where you are going. Here are those map links: Map One and Map Two

Ceremony Location

Should you not be navigationally challenged and actually arrive, on time or at all, let me give you an idea of what to expect. The ceremony itself will be held outside, near the gazebo, which I'm told is actually a pergola or pergula, or purgatory for all I know. There's a small pond, a fountain I believe, and there will be rows of chairs setup for you, the honored guest. If the weather starts getting rough and the tiny ship was...ahem...if the weather becomes inhospitable, the staff will relocate our nuptials indoors. For those of you concerned about the wisdom of having an outdoor wedding in December, I must assume that you are from out of state. Georgia has about 2 weeks in February that can really be called winter. Everything else is just fall or summer. We are hoping for a sunny afternoon, no rain, and tolerable temperatures. The Boy Scout motto applies here though, always be prepared. It might be unusually cold, or raining, or *GASP* snowing! Wear appropriate attire and do bring an umbrella just in case.

Reception Location

After the ceremony, outside or in, you, revered guest of dubious honor, will join the other party-goers in one of the main ballrooms for the reception. The inside of the manor is essentially one large hallway, with 2 larger ballrooms on either side of the hall. Signs and most likely a member of the staff will be visible to direct you to the proper ballroom for our reception. Bathrooms are located upstairs for sure, possibly downstairs as well. The reception officially begins at 6pm and will officially end at 10pm.

Reception Information: Food and Drink

We are having what I feel is a fantastic array of food at our reception. Not everything will please everyone's palate, but there is enough for everyone to find something they like. The food will be served buffet style, but that is not an invitation to attempt to out-eat me. You will fail... miserably. I'll list the menu in a moment.

There is an open bar at our reception. This means that if you tell the nice man in the suit to give you a scotch and water, the nice man(or woman) will give you a scotch and water without asking for a dime, nickel, or dirty penny. Please do not over indulge too early. The bar will remain open until 9pm and the first two hours of operation will serve liquor, beer, and wine. The final hour of operation from 8pm to 9pm, the bar will only serve beer and wine.

Reception Information: Rules and Guidelines

There are a few rules that go along with attending our reception, most of which belong to the facility that we are having the event at. First, there is no smoking in, or around, the building. I believe that the staff will cart you up the path a bit should the need for nicotine overwhelm you. The bar closes one hour prior to the ending of the reception. This is not our way of saving money, but a regulation by the city of Tyrone. I think it's supposed to give guests time to sober up before they drive home. No one can serve alcohol at the reception except for authorized Glendalough staff members. This is another city regulation. I believe that's about it for the facility rules.

Airport Information

Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport will be your point of entry from out of state. When you fly or drive doesn't matter as long as you are at the wedding on time. May and I both will be off, but fairly busy, the week prior to the wedding and can help with minor details should you need assistance. We will not be picking up massive amounts of people from the airport. I might be able to shuttle a few people depending on what day and what time you arrive, but if you can make alternate arrangements to get to the wedding or one of our suggested hotels, please do so. It will save a small portion of my sanity.

Information Listings
  1. Main Airport Site
  2. Transportation

Hotel Information

We have about 5 or 6 rooms available at the Holiday Inn. It is under the Chau/James wedding and you can reach them at (770) 487-4646. Here's a map to them. The rate is around $72 per night.

You are also free to find your own lodgings. We will not be paying for anyone's hotel room. The Holiday Inn offers a free area shuttle that will bring you to the wedding facility. We will work out the logistics of this with them soon.

The Menu

As promised, here it is:


Calamari Salad -- Quite tasty little calamari salad, steamed I do believe.
Cold Oriental Beef Noodle Salad -- The sauce is fantastic.


Mini-crab cakes -- Lump crab meat in succulent little cakes. Awesome stuff.
Coconut Chicken Fingers -- What it says, coconut-crusted fried chicken fingers.
Mini-eggrolls -- Token asian dish, more like a spring roll with an eggroll shell really.


Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast -- Juicy chicken breast breaded in cheese and bread crumbs.
Pepper Encrusted Beef Tenderloin with a dried cherry sauce -- I ate 2 of these at the tasting if that tells you anything. I would have eaten more if they gave me more.


Mash Potatoes -- I forget exactly what we ordered here, but they were tasty.


Groom's Cake -- Chocolate cake with chocolate icing for your cocoa pleasure.
Wedding Cake -- Tiered and tasty.
Chocolate Fountain -- With your choice of several dipping items.

I'm sure there's something I forgot, so you'll just have to wait and see what else is there.

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