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Gift Guide

The Gift Guide Cometh

Considering that, unlike many couples, May and I will not be moving in together for the first time(we've had 4 years of that thanks) or buying a home right after the wedding, much of the traditional mumbo-jumbo of gift buying has not come up yet. Color schemes for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc are all things that apparently we should know by now. Well, we don't. As soon as we do know, I'll cover my ignorance of tradition by updating this page. Until then, how about some general suggestions.

We like blue. Also, we like red. Gray in all its many shades, and black, tickle our fancy as well. As for gift ideas, May has been in charge of the registry for the most part, but we are going to Sears and possibly Target to register soon, and I'll post an update on that. Bed, Bath, and Beyond is currently our biggest list of stuff. You can find the link to that here.

Check back here soon and I'll have more updates.

Updates Abound!

Below you will find the consolidated guide to our registry information. Target, Sears, and Bed,Bath,and Beyond are the only places we are "officially" registered at. I have "registered" at my own place, and submit the link below for your viewing pleasure.

Traditional Registries

If you are unable to use these links for whatever reason, just search on the store's website for May Chau and you'll find the registry no problem.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Geek Registry


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