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On December 11th, 2000 I took a short, little Asian girl out to dinner. We ordered the same thing. She didn't eat any of her food, later confessing that nerves got the better of her. A month or so later, in a bid to win my single status back, I left her standing on her porch, looking very angry I might add, without a boyfriend. A week after that at a birthday dinner for a friend, we got back together. We still consider December 11th our anniversary despite the short hiccup in our relationship, so after five years of squabbles, happy times, general mayhem, and tasty food, we're getting hitched! She still hasn't forgotten that I broke up with her once.

Welcome to our official wedding website. Here you can find all the information needed to attend our wedding, should you be honored (cursed) with an invitation. We have online RSVP, general wedding information including info about the hotel, airport, directions, gifts for us, gifts for me, gifts for everybody but you, contact information should you want to praise my web design skills. The information page will also cover the more specific information about the wedding venue, the menu for the reception, and a general timeline to adhere to.

We hope you can join us for this momentous, and I do mean momentous, occasion. Its taken a lot of planning, and even more persuading, to get us both to this point. It will be a beautiful wedding, a delicious buffet, an awesome party, and probably an after-party. Check out the Info page and be sure to use the RSVP form when you receive your invitation in the mail. We are requesting that all replies be in by November 20th, or you'll miss out.

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